Will Chelsea slip up away from home?

Tips for this weekend’s EPL (Week 8)

Premier League action is back this weekend and thank goodness.  It’s been too long!

The tastiest clash is the first as Manchester City host Tottenham Hotspur at the Etihad. The Citizens at home are always dangerous and their record there speaks for itself.  Spurs will be vulnerable to City’s quality in attack and expect City to have the lion’s share of possession especially in the first half.

Whilst Spurs have been good on the road in the last couple of seasons, matching Arsenal at the Emirates a couple of weeks back, it’s hard to see anything but three points for City.    We agree with some other pundits that City will win 3-0.


Hapless Newcastle host Leicester City and boy do the Magpies need something.  Alan Pardew should be able to conjure up something here and Leicester will be up for that.  This one looks like it could be a draw – or Pardew will be sacked in the morning. 1-1.


Crystal Palace host Chelsea and normally you’d expect the Blues to grab all three points here.  However, Palace have put up some decent performances against Chelsea in recent years and Fraizer Campbell could hold the key.  Campbell scored against Man City, Liverpool and Man United whilst he was at Cardiff and that could spells danger for the Premier League leaders.  Chelsea are in great form but they won’t win every game  – In a close game,  a draw is our tip 2-2.


Everton should do Villa at Goodison 2-1.  Saints should bet Sunderland comfortably 2-0.

Burnley at home to West Ham will be an interesting test and we think Burnely will nick a win here.  2-1.

Arsenal host Hull City and the Gunners should be able to withstand their injury woes and test their squad’s depth.  Expect them to run out 2-0 winners at the Emirates.

QPR face Liverpool at home on Sunday and this one could go all the way to the end.  Hard to predict this result so we are sitting on the fence with a 1-1 draw.

Stoke should beat Swansea only because it’s at home, 3-2.

West Brom take on Man United on Monday night and despite the Baggies beating Spurs a few weeks back we feel that Man United will have too much firepower.  3-1 to the Red Devils.


Why the Premier League Race is Wide Open

Now the football internationals are in full swing let us take a look at the directions things are heading in.

Who are the main contenders?  There surely have to be the following seven to be considered for the top four at this point of the 2014/15 Premier League season.

Chelsea.  Dead certs to finish either first or second.  They have recruited so very well and at this stage look almost unstoppable and the bookmakers echo this.

Manchester United. Will they finish top four? Some believe not and a lot will depend on the next few weeks.  After they have played Chelsea and Man City who currently occupy first and second rungs on the ladder we might know a little bit more about United’s defensive mettle.

Manchester City. It’ll either be the Citizens or  the darker Blues from Stamford Bridge who likely win the league this year.  Odds are very close between the two.

Arsenal.  Looking more frail this season with injuries now mounting up (Ozil now out for 12 weeks).  Scraping a draw against Tottenham last time out at The Emirates would not have pleased Wenger at all.  However, it’s just too foolish not to admire and respect how he gets the Gunners into the top four every season.

Tottenham.  The White Hart Lane crew looked to have gelled in the first few games of the season but had their own wobbles including a home loss to West Brom. Teams that finish in the top four just can’t do that.  Spurs look to be yet again destined for fifth and could lose out to United for that coveted final Champions League spot.

Liverpool. After Suarez was sold to Barcelona, they just haven’t looked the same.  The Reds have lost that extra pace and ‘bite’ now and it shows.   This season in the Champions League could be their last for another few years.

Everton. Outsiders yet again and they came so close last season.  However, the Toffees have spluttered so far this time and the odds are pretty big for them to climb higher than sixth.  Expect a very close tussle with Liverpool which will make the remaining Merseyside derbies even more watchable and important than usual.




Cool Fifa World Cup Mobile Apps

Are you a football fan? Are you dying to see the World Cup, well why not get into mobile sports betting? If you have a passion for the beautiful game and an equally strong obsession with popular mobile devices, then we have a proposition for you. There are a large number of apps out there which allow you take part in and bet on this year’s Fife World Cup in Brazil. So in order to tickle your sporting fancy, we have compiled a list of some of the best apps for mobile sports betting.

  • Official Fifa App:

This nifty little app allows you to stay up to date with any Fifa football news that is out there. This is a totally free app released for the Android and iOS. Yes, you heard me write all of you penny snatchers, it is free. This app will give you total coverage of the World Cup as well as giving you the latest updates on all top leagues as well as the current score status for many of them.

  • The Unofficial Fifa 2014 App:

If Fifa just isn’t the app for you, fear not for there is an App released by the company Itnext. This app can display data in many different languages. The layout is based on pure simplicity with it presenting you with up to day data on your favourite teams as well as a reminder system which alerts you when a certain game is coming on. It will also feed you information on the times, scores and locations of various matches. Another interesting feature of this device is the countdown till kick off feature which will have you anticipating matches with bated breath. Team information and stats are also available.

  • Sports Betting:

This is the only app for mobile sports betting. There is nothing more thrilling than adding a bet to a match in which your favourite team is competing. Your money is a display of your faith in their sporting abilities. This app allows you to keep up to date with odds, right up until the very last moment. This means that you can make bets even during the game which will surely put that extra edge of excitement on the game. This is available for Android and iOS.

  • Play Fifa 2014:

When the game has reached its end and you are cooling off from that amazing victory, or crushing defeat; you can create your own match with this little game app. Those who have played the game on various consoles will agree that this app is top quality, with its programmed commentary being highly acclaimed. You can multi play with people around the world and you can play as your favourite team.

Well football fans, there you have it. Some of the very best apps for those enthusiasts who wait impatiently for the upcoming Fifa World Cup in Brazil. So be ready and get the app for information, games and mobile sports betting.

Will Chelsea slip up away from home?

How to Bet on Soccer with Bitcoin Online

Betting on soccer with Bitcoin is as easy as ever. Soccer is the most popular and bet on sport in the world. In Europe soccer is bet on at the same fever that gridiron football is in the United States. Betting on soccer is much like betting on baseball or hockey in that the money line rather than a spread is used. There is one major difference though. In soccer you can place a bet on if there will be a tie along with which team will win the match. This means that if you bet on a team winning and there is a tie you don’t push but will rather lose the bet.

Normal Soccer Lines

To better understand a money line in soccer we will look at an example. The odds for a soccer match may look like this, Liverpool -125 Draw +205 Newcastle +235. If you were to bet on Liverpool you would have to bet $12.50 to win $10, betting on Newcastle would win you $23.50 with a $10 bet, and if you were to bet on a tie you would win $20.50 with a $10 bet.

MLS Soccer Lines

This example is what most money lines in soccer will look like, but if you are betting on Major League Soccer they will look different. This is because unlike most Leagues in the world MLS games do not end in a tie, but rather go to shootouts.

Unlike normal soccer betting MLS games will have a point spread because the games never end in a tie. An example of a MLS soccer line would be LA Galaxy +2 (-115) and DC United -2 (+120). If you were to bet on the Galaxy in this game they would have to win by more than 2 goals and you would have to bet $115 to win $100.


Another popular bet in soccer is betting on the over/under. An example of an over/under bet would look like this: Total goals 2.5 LA Galaxy -150 over and DC United +120 under. So if you are wagering on the over there would need to be at least three goals to be scored for you to win,https://nitrogensports.eu/blog/ and if you bet the under there could be no more than 2 goals.


Things to Consider

The first thing that you should consider when betting on soccer is a team’s form. Spend a little time and see how the team has preformed over the last few games. Look at box scores of recent games as well player stats. Follow the teams news as well, this will let you know if key players may be injured and what the mood of the players and coach is.

Also, check what the head to head record is against the two teams playing.

Different teams have trouble with different styles of play and overall records don’t always indicate this. Lastly, check the team’s home and away record. Some teams play much better at home than they do away.
Where to Bet on Soccer with Bitcoin

As soccer is the most bet on sport in the world all online sportsbooks for wagering on soccer. You will want to make sure to place your wagers on trusted, reliable and regulated sites.

bitcoin and litecoin horse betting sports

How to Bet on Horses with Bitcoin Online

Horse race betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling having been around for thousands of years and can now bet on horses with Bitcoin. Today, betting on horse is just as popular as it ever was. To be effective at betting on horse it is a must to understand the different types of bets that you can make. You will find that most online Sportsbooks will offer a number of different kinds of wagers for bettors.

There are five basic types of bets for horse racing called the Straight bets.

They include Win, Place, Show, Win & Place and the Across the Board bets. There are also a number of exotic bets that include Exacta, Quinella, Trificta and Superfecta bets. We will go over each of them, so you will have a strong grasp of how to bet on horses by the time you’re done reading this article.

Straight Bets

Win Bet: This is the simplest of the bets. With a ‘win bet’ you wager that your horse will come in first place. If they do finish first you win, if not you lose. Win bets offer good payouts, this is especially true if the horse has long odds.

Place Bet: With this wager you are betting that the horse will finish in the second position. To win your horse must finish first or second place. The payout for this bet is not as good as a win bet, but can still be worthwhile.

Show Bet: Here you are betting that your horse will finish in the third position. To win they most finish first, second or third. This is a low risk bet and offers the lowest payout of any of the straight bets.

Win Place Bet: With this bet your horse most finish in first or second. If they do come in first position you collect on both wagers. If they finish in second you only collect one payout. This bet allows you to collect part of your bet back even if your horse does not win the race.

Across the Board Bet: You are betting that your horse will win, place and show. The horse can finish in any of the first three positions to earn a payout.http://bettingappstore.co.uk/  If they win you get three payouts, if in second two and in third only one.

Exotic Bets

Exacta Bet: With an Exacta you are wagering on two horses. You bet on which horse will come in first potion and which horse will come in second position. To win the bet the horses most finish in the order you bet on, otherwise you lose.

Quinella Bet: A Quinella bet allows you to bet on two horses as well, but they can finish in any order of first or second position. In this bet the order in which the horses finish does not. If either of the horse doesn’t finish in the correct positions you lose your wager.

bitcoin and litecoin horse betting sports

Trificta Bet: A Trificta bet requires you to pick the first, second and third position horses in order. If any of the horses don’t finish in the correct position you would lose the bet.

Superfecta Bet: This is a four horse bet were you pick the first, second, third and fourth place horses in the correct order.

Where to Bet on Horses with Bitcoin

All major Sportsbooks also have Horseracing Books, few offer Bitcoin betting though. Before you place a wager on any horse race make sure you choice a site that is trusted and reliable. Betting at the wrong site could cost you your hard earned money.


How to Bet on Basketball with Bitcoin Online

Betting on Basketball with Bitcoin has never been easier. Basketball is one of the easiest sports to bet on, but there are a number of things that make betting on basketball unique. Most online sportsbooks offer wagering on both NBA and College Basketball games. The basics are the same as most other sports though. The two most popular ways to bet on basketball is either on the points spread or the over/under. These are two easy concepts that we will explain before going more in-depth about how to bet on basketball games.

Point Spread

Understanding how to be on a point spread is rather easy. Point spreads determine which team is favored to win and which team is the underdog. Each team is given a point total. The job of the bettor is to pick the team they believe will cover the spread.

An example of a point spread in basketball would be LA Lakers -4.5 and LA Clippers +4.5. At the end of the game you would add or subtract the spread or line from a team’s point total. If you had bet on the LA Lakers in the example above you would subtract -4.5 from their total score, if they still have more points than the Clippers you would win your bet.


The over/under is the second most popular kind of basketball wager. This is a bet on the total amount of points scored in a game. The sportsbook will give the total points to be scored in a game and the bettor can choice weather the score will be over or under that number.

If you bet over for the LA Lakers and Clipper game with the over/under at 172 and the final score was Lakers 92 and Clippers 87 you would add up the scores for each team. The total score for the game would be 179, which would be over 172making you a winner.

Money Line

Some bettor’s will choice to bet the money line on games. This is an option where you bet on the winner of a game without a spread. http://bettingappstore.co.uk/ Money wager lines are based on odds this means if you are betting on a heavy favorite you may be risking three or more times the amount you would win. We don’t suggest betting money lines on games as one lose can take a rather large hit to your bankroll.


What to Look for Before Betting

Playing to many games over a short period of time can be difficult even on the best basketball teams out there. You should lookout for teams that are playing their third game in four nights. The chance is that the other team will have fresher legs. This can be even a bigger advantage for the other team if the game is on the road.

One thing that is very important in basketball betting is checking the line up and seeing if there are any injuries. This is true in all sports betting, but basketball especially where there are few players that impact the game compared to football or baseball. You will want to consider not betting on a game to early. Lastly, don’t bet on your favorite team it is hard to be objective when your emotions are part of the equation.

Where to Bet on Basketball with Bitcoin

Basketball can be bet on at a number of online sports books, but you will want to make sure to place your wagers on trusted and reliable sites.

soccer betting

Top 3 Soccer Betting Tips

Disclaimer: What follows is advice for gambling on a sporting event. However, it is important to note that nothing can guarantee a winning opportunity and that all forms of gambling have inherent risk. Like soccer itself, soccer betting can result in a win, a loss, or a draw.

Please bet responsibly!

Soccer betting is an enormous industry. Bookmakers worldwide make billions and billions of dollars in profit from soccer betting alone…but they also pay out billions in winnings. So while you are trying to figure out how to get your slice of that pie, here are the Top 3 Factors you need to understand about betting on soccer:

1. Know the Teams

Maybe this should go without saying, but it’s always smart to understand exactly what, or who in this case, you are betting on before you start throwing down wagers. Some factors to consider here include:

This Specific Match-Up. A soccer match is a strategic event carried out by human beings. Whether for physical, tactical or psychological reasons, one team might match up very well or very poorly with another team. Try to capture these nuances. You can be certain that the bookmaker will.

Home and Away Records. Where is the game? Some teams play much better on home ground than they play when away.

Schedule and Timing. Is one team on a hot streak? Is one team in the middle of a brutal stretch and may consider limiting minutes or holding back key players?

Team News. Like any sport, always check the injury report frequently with soccer. There may also be suspensions or rest days to consider. Try to figure out how the talented a replacement is after an injury is announced.

Motivation. Which cup is most important to a specific team? Does one team really, really need points? Maybe this is a revenge opportunity. Always consider the incentives for the players going into a match.

2. Know the Bookmaker

Bookmakers (“bookies”) are in it to win it every bit as much as their customers are. When they release new games, odds, handicaps, promotions, etc., they are always doing this with intention of making money.

The bookies are not trying to predict the outcome of a match correctly. When betting on soccer, you must understand why bookies act the way that they do, and learn to recognize opportunities. When a bookmaker is “creating a market” and releasing odds, what they are really doing is setting the price of the action. By understanding the style of your bookie, you can better learn to take advantage of the odds.

For instance, when you notice the odds for a “Home Win”, “Away Win” and “Draw”, you can take the inverse of those odds and multiply them by 100%. The resulting numbers should be higher than 100% when summed – the amount over 100% is essentially the commission to the bookie.

For any given bet, you are always looking for the highest odds for you and the lowest commission to your bookmaker!

soccer betting

3. Know Your Strategy

Believe me when I tell you that there are a LOT of options when it comes to placing bets on soccer matches. In turn, this produces a LOT of strategies for placing those bets. Here are just a few, linked to descriptions: Double Chance, Asian Handicap, Evens Betting, In-Play, Draw No Bet, Bookmaker Arbitrage and seemingly a million others.

Pick a system, learn the system and stay disciplined in your strategy. Gamblers get into trouble when they act rashly and lose focus on their overall process.

Also be wary of scams out there. No system is perfect, and no system will get you anywhere close to 100% winning. Be smart in online soccer betting, and have fun!

black sports

How to Block Sports betting Apps from Your Teen

If you are the parent of a teenager with an iPhone, iPad or Android, it’s important to recognize the magnitude of potentially inappropriate material accessible to your child through their mobile device. This article is going to discuss one particular threat that you might have not thought about, but should: mobile sports gambling apps.Here is a good post to read about mobile sports gambling apps .

Sports gambling, especially with the easy access provided by a mobile device, can be financial dangerous and psychologically addicting. By taking a few simple steps and understanding their options, parents can easily prevent unwanted sports betting apps.

How to Recognize Sports Gambling Apps on Your Teen’s Mobile Device

The first step in blocking potentially dangerous gambling apps from your teen’s phone is to learn how to review what your child is downloading or viewing.Click here to read more reviews. Luckily there are lots of effective, easy-to-understand options for parents out there. This varies from device to device, but some cost-free options available to you include the iOS Settings for Apple products,the Android Parental Control app and Phone Control app, and the Mobile Parent Controls feature on Windows Mobile.

Depending on what device your teen has, I’d recommend starting with one of these free options and learning how to operate it (there are bound to be great “How to…” articles online). Once you know what the threats are, then you can figure out how best to neutralize them.

In conjunction with Parental Controls options directly related to the mobile device, try a rather old-fashioned approach as well: talking with your teen. Talk with them about their phone activities, and try to relate some of the dangers of gambling. It’s OK if it’s awkward, it lets them know that you are on the lookout.

If you want real, technical, mobile betting apps restrictions, here are some options for you:

Block the App Store Itself:

This may be the most sure-fire method to prevent unwanted sports gambling app downloads on your teen’s mobile device. Go to the ‘Setting’ menu on the device itself and, from there, ‘de-select’ or ‘block’ the “App Store”. This will prevent the child from downloading any applications at all. This does have one large potential pitfall, as the technically savvy teenager may be able to reverse those restrictions by themself.

black sports

Password Protect All Application Downloads:

The thought of blocking the app store not your style? When any new account is set up for a mobile device there is an option to password protect the App Store. This way, if your teen wants to download an app, they need your password for the access. This will allow parents the opportunity to review all of the apps that are placed onto the device. You just have to make sure that the password isn’t made available to the child…kind of defeats the purpose at that point.

Pay for Online Protection Software:

This can be a very good option for those parents who don’t mind paying a bit extra. Software such as Net Nanny (for Android) will allow you to filter all sorts of content from your teen’s device, including mobile betting apps. These software’s usually have many more options available than standard, built-in phone security settings.


5 Best Online Sports Betting Sites

As the appetite for online sports betting grows (and grows and grows and grows), it is being accompanied by a growing amount of online sportsbooks looking to woo potential betters to their services.

Before we review the 5 Best Online Sports Betting Sites, here is a quick rundown of important features to consider in any online sportsbook:

What Makes a Good Sports Betting Site?

All good betting sites share certain characteristics and features; but before you consider anything else you need to figure out one thing: does the sportsbook accept customers from your country? If it doesn’t, nothing else really matters!

Assuming that you can join, here are other important features to take into account:

Security: Never overlook security. Your personal information must be safe and your funds must be secure.

Promotions and Bonuses: These vary widely from site to site. With so much competition for mobile and online bettors,  sports books are always looking for new ways to entice new customers. Always be on the lookout for these opportunities!

Banking Features: This is a crucial feature that is often overlooked by beginners. Does your bank allow credit card use for the site? How fast are the deposits and withdrawals? You need speedy financial options to react on late-breaking information.

Variety of Betting Options: This is really more or less important depending on the type of bettor you are. If you like to place a variety of bets on a variety of sports, take this into account.

Betting Odds: Betting odds can vary from site to site, but generally this difference isn’t huge. This shouldn’t be overlooked, but shouldn’t be more important than any of the factors listed above.

The 5 Best Online Sports Betting Sites

1. Bovada

Bovada is the king of sports betting in the United States. They have great customer service for all bettors, easy to use mobile app, top-of-the-line deposit options and payout speeds among a host of other good qualities. They also offer a ton of great bonuses and promotions.

2. Topbet

Topbet is growing very quickly, and outstanding sign-up bonuses (up to 50% match on first deposit!) are a key reason why. Other great features on Topbet include fast payouts, easy and fun website, and excellent security/customer service to make you feel at home.

3. BetOnline

BetOnline takes customer service very seriously. They do whatever it takes to cater to new and experienced bettors, and they take in both U.S. and international players. That doesn’t mean there isn’t substance too; BetOnline has good wager options for sports online betting, payment options, and they post their lines very quickly.You can start online betting at http://bettingappstore.co.uk/


4. SportsBetting

SportsBetting has undergone a few different revisions in it’s history, but it is still an outstanding online betting experience. While they do have all of the requisites for a great sports book (player-friendly, good bonuses & promotions, security features and plenty of options) it is their live betting platform and mobile features that place Sports Betting among the 5 best.

5. 5Dimes

5Dimes separates itself through its incredible variety and selections on sports, odds, wagers and casino games. If you like to “change it up”, 5Dimes can be a one-stop-shop. Like all of the others in this list, they have the payouts, security and healthy bonus system to compete with the best online Sports Betting.

hockey betting

4 Things to Consider About Hockey Betting Apps

Mobile betting apps have revolutionized the way people bet on sports. In most cases these are positive changes; but whether you are a serious hockey gambler or if you are just curious about how to get started, here are 4 things to know about hockey betting apps:

1. Self-Identify: What Kind of Bettor Are You?

Seems simple, right? It might be the most important step in finding the best hockey betting app. You need to self-identify. How many games do you want to place bets on? How much are you willing to place? Do you want the same access on your smartphone and your tablet? Do you want to be able to live-stream the games you place bets on?  has gather the best information for your use.

Figure out these answers and you will have a much better chance at finding the right online betting app for you.

2. When Considering the Betting App, Consider the Sportsbook

Sportsbooks target all different kinds of audiences. They also offer all different sorts of bonus rewards and promotions. While there are too many to give an exhaustive list, here are a few noteworthy betting apps to get you started:

● Bovada Sports might be the biggest name in sports betting and, while they have resources for the novice bettor, experienced hockey bettors will feel at home with their easy-to-use app.

● Bet365 comes highly recommended for betting hockey (soccer too, being a UK-based bookie) and, like Bovada, offers a really solid range of betting choices and works with all of the major mobile devices. They will even offer you $100 just to bet on your mobile.

● Bet2Win is a simple, useful app that has great tips and descriptions for the novice hockey bettor. (It’s too bad Bodog doesn’t have great mobile features, since they also have great options for beginners)

● For those looking to “test the ice”, Just Bet has a mobile site offering a $10 free bet.

3. Be Wary of Scams

Like everything else, sports betting apps aren’t all legit. Never download, enter personal information into, or place money through any hockey betting app that isn’t attached to a company legally registered to offer online sports betting. Things to watch out for include:

● Unreasonably high winning percentages offered through the app. Nobody wins 75% of their bets over a long period of time. Don’t get greedy if you see an offer that looks to good to be true. It isn’t.

● No proof that they are licensed to offer sports betting. Bottom line: if they are licensed, it isn’t legal. Always make sure you place bets through licensed Sportsbooks with legitimate websites.

● Tons of downloads, very few reviews. This goes for all apps, not just betting apps. If an app has huge download numbers but suspiciously low review numbers…that’s a big warning sign.

hockey betting

4. Depositing Money Safely and Quickly Through Betting App

This can be a little tricky, since not all banks or financial institutions will allow you to use your credit card with sports betting accounts (and even those that do may restrict which Sportsbooks they allow). Legitimate mobile apps should have numerous options for you to open an account through.

While speed of processing is a secondary consideration to safety, it is still important. The hockey bettor doesn’t have large breaks in between the action like NFL bettors do. With games on every night, you need to be able to react to the latest breaking news! Remember to spend some time reviewing the comments in the chat rooms and Sportsbook forums about how fast you can place bets, withdraw funds and obtain confirmation.

So make sure to take some time when considering the right hockey betting app for you. Self-identify, do a little research on the legitimate options available to bettors and understand how to process your bets through the app. Good luck!

To shorten your search for best betting software and reviews, here are some of the links you can visit http://www.cufconline.org.uk/5-best-online-sports-betting-sites/